Clean-up during the moving process

Sorry for the lackk of posts; between moving home and breif illness I haven’t been posting. Some thoughts from the week gone by:

The Disease Formerly Known As Swine Flu is here – but forgive me for thinking the furor is all for naught, especially since plain 0ld regular flu kills thousands in Canada annually.

Does anyone know what’s going on in social development? – The premier and Mary Schryer, social development minister, got caught in a contradiction this week. She said the government was still committed to the goal of raising social assistance rates to the Atlantic average, but Shawn Graham doesn’t think so, based on dubious “better information.” As an aside, can my neighbours in Quispamsis please elect someone who’s not incompetent to the Legislature next year? Schryer’s scarcely an improvement on Brenda Fowlie, the PC MLA who got kicked out of cabinet for revealing a Liberal member’s private property dealings.

The PC’s introduce a lobbying registry bill that the Liberals don’t like – which wouldn’t be notable if the Graham hadn’t promised to introduce a lobbiest registry in the ’06 election. Oops. The Liberals say they haven’t done it because they’re negotiating with the other Atlantic governments to form a regional registry.  Those prospects seem lousy, though, considering Rodney McDonald’s Nova Scotia government is expected to fall son and get trounced in an election. If the Liberals don’t like this bill, they should ammend it to their liking, leaving the door open for a regional registry. That said, good on the PCs for a rare show of initiative.

And on a lighter note: Britain’s favorite douchebag midlife crisis sufferer Jeremy Clarkson offers an entertaining look at the importance of alcohol. Cheers!


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