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Around the House (Last Place in the Spelling Bee Edition)

Sorry for the delays between posts. I’ve been devoting much of my free time to the job hunt.

  • The fight over EI continues in the House of Commons. As far as I can understand it, the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois want to eliminate regional differences in EI eligibility, and the Tories don’t. As it currently stands, EI eligibility is different in each part of the country, with those living in regions with higher unemployment able to collect after as little as 420 hours of work a year.  However,  some of those regions may be terribly gerrymandered, as New Brunswick’s are. The reason for this is so people who work in areas of high unemployment aren’t penalized for the lack of work in their area. Eliminating regional differences temporarily, as Iggy’s proposing, makes some degree of sense considering unemployment’s up everywhere, but especially in places like Alberta that were booming before the economic clusterf**k. It would likely be far too expensive to eliminate these differences permanently, however, as the NDP and BQ are proposing. Methinks they are pandering to their base. That said, there may be an election yet over EI.
  • If Rodney MacDonald had any hope of winning the Nova Scotia election, he needed only good news stories about his PCs between now and election day and maybe rescue a few kittens from trees or something.  He did not need this little nugget coming out. As someone running on his record as premier (which isn’t exactly blemish free – see the last three years), this makes him look like a premier willing to sacrifice long-term financial health for short-term political gain – not the kind of person Nova Scotia deserves as a premier.
  • While unpolitical, a quick shout out to the Kennebecasis Valley High School Reach for the Top team. This past weekend, they were in Toronto representing New Brunswick at the National Championships, where they didn’t disappoint. They went 11-1 in the round robin, beating powerful opposition from across Canada. After beating Harry Ainley Composite High of Edmonton in the quarterfinals and edging Cobequid Educational Centre of Truro by 20 points in the semis, KV fell to Ontario champs London Central in the final. I played four years of “Reach” for KV, went to two National Finals, and sat in a couple of practices against this year’s squad and I’m very proud of what they accomplished. Going 53-2 for a season is something to brag about. The team is Mike Forestell (captain), Josh Koncovy, Nick Manuel, Alexander Maxan, Stephen Spence, and coach Jason Thorne.
  • Quote:

“Long before the search for a Trauma Director began, I was asked to attend a meeting with our sitting Minister of Health, Michael Murphy. He was relatively new to the position, and I was admittedly passionate about the subject of trauma and the needs of this Province. Today, I offer to Minister Murphy an apology if, for whatever reason, I made a less-than-favourable impression. The feedback has been undeniably negative. In my defence, we only met the one time, and I was operating under the impression that my input was welcome.”

– Dr. Andrew Trenholme, Medical/Surgical Director of Trauma at the Atlantic Health Sciences Centre, in a column in Saturday’s Telegraph Journal. Trenhome was explaining his withdrawal from consideration last week for the job of New Brunswick Trauma Coordinator. More on this topic (and, I guess, health care in general) later this week.

  • In focus, spot the mistake on this souvenir bobble-head offered last weekend:Then again, what do you expect from a team that can’t even spell its own name right?
  • Wednesday, expect a post on that exciting topic of New Brunswick health care, with a follow-up Wednesday night or Thursday profiling the British expenses scandal. Before the end of the week, I spill what little I know about the Nova Scotia election.

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