Around the House (Long Weekend edition)

  • Three, likely final, links about the T-J apology, all of more interest to media wonks than anyone else. Tim Currie, a Journalism prof at the University of King’s College, writes about how media deals with inaccurate information published online; Craig Silverman writes a column in the Columbia Journalism Review about editors adding items to their reporters’ stories; and St. Thomas Journalism chair Phillip Lee points out some minor media hypocrisy. If the paper has any more to say on the story, I’d wager it’d do so Saturday. The paper typically publishes stories defending itself on Saturdays (see the Carleton Free Pressand Matt McCann). Otherwise, short of the reporters, Jamie Irving, or Shawna Richer saying anything, this story will die a natural death.
  • Victor Boudreau, Minister for Business New Brunswick and Communications New Brunswick, unveiled new license plates today with the province’s slogan on it in two languages: “Be… in this place” and “Être… ici on le peut” (or “Be… here you can”). The Political Animal has a quick not for the minister: a slogan should be self-explanatory. “The quicker picker-upper” and “Guinness is good for you” are  two of the best slogans of all time and they’re self-explanatory. The worst advertising slogans, like “The choice of a new generation” and “I’m lovin’ it,” are vague, undescriptive, and don’t sell the product. If you have to take the time in your press conference to explain “Be… in this place,” you’re doing it wrong.
  • Finally, the latest political non-scandal comes from Britain, where Conservative Party leader (and presumed future Prime Minister) David Campbell is in trouble for making remarks about Twitter which weren’t appropriate for a morning radio show – and certainly not for a family website. Since this is the Political Animal, here’s Cameron’s quote anyway.

             “The trouble with Twitter, the instantness of it – too many twits might make a twat”

             A video clip of the quote is below. I’m still jealous I didn’t think of it first.


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  1. boggartblog

    Cameron is a twunt. But having said that, he is right. Serious politicians should avoid social media and especially forms which require messages to be condensed to 140 characters.

    Cameron, twits and twots

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