The Return of the Blog

Three years ago, I began the “Notes of a Political Animal” blog as a summer project. It was fun, brief, and, well, irregular. And, once the summer ended, quickly mothballed for my work in both the Aquinian and class. With both those commitments winding down (if you’re reading this, odds are you’ve been directed by my final Aquinian column), now seemed as good a time as ever to exhume resurrect this blog and turn it into the new home for my writing. Well, until someone’s willing to make a better offer (read – employing me to write).

Nominally, this blog is about politics. It won’t be the only topic covered, but it will be the site’s raison d’etre. I’ve followed politics for a long time and, somehow, earned a reputation for concise political insight. It is only fitting I continue in that vein.

This being a blog, however, it’ll be about other stuff too. Sports is my other great passion in life and, as passions are wont to do, they bring pleasure and pain. Cheering for teams like the New York Jets, Aston Villa FC, and of course by beloved St. Thomas Tommies, both are inevitable. I’ll also do  the occasional blog about competitions I help out with, such as the New Brunswick Reach for the Top Championship at month’s end.

Personal life frequently gets thrown onto blogs and, if I feel it’s worth writing about, we be splattered here and there over this one, too. Don’t be surprised to see the occasional book review about, either.

My goal is to have two or three posts a week in this space, though this may vary as my commitments warrant. I’ll always have at least one post a week, however, and odds are I’ll be sticking to that minimum for the next couple of weeks due to papers and exams. The length of my posts will vary from two hundred word quips to 1,500 word essays, where relevant. For special events like elections, I’ll even have live blogs to give immediate opinion and analysis of important events (note: my definition of “important” may be different then yours).

If, for whatever reason, you can’t get enough of me in your digital life, follow me on Twitter @SeanDThompson.

Thanks for reading.


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