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On Ends, Means, and Boston

As I write this, I am watching coverage of the manhunt/stand-off of the remaining suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing (he has neither been charged nor proven responsible for the crimes, so suspect is the proper term). Through this whole affair, many in the media (not including myself, my mother, my prom date, etc.) have had one question, repeating, on their lips.


I can’t speak for all humanity, but I ask myself this question today and after any other act of terror or massacre for a simple reason: I don’t understand what drives someone to commit these acts and I’m curious why someone resorts to such a brutal, violent act.

Then I remember.

Martin Richard was a bright eight year old Bruins fan who was cheering his father as he finished the world’s most famous road race.

Krystle Campbell was a restaurant manager, an energetic young woman who loved animals.

Lu Lingzi was a young Chinese woman who came to one of the world’s great seats of education to earn a Master’s Degree in statistics and mathematics.

Sean Collier was a jolly campus police officer with the courtesy to bring extra earplugs on Outing Club expeditions because of his snoring.

I hope the suspect survives. Authorities need to question him and, through their investigation, learn if anyone else was involved in these heinous crimes. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts must give those responsible an open, fair trial and, should it prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, a judge should mete out appropriate punishment. But it hardly matters if we find out why.

Nothing justifies the taking of those four lives this week in Boston.

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